Making Education Accessible Through Ultra Video Compression


We take the internet for granted. But for many millions, the internet and information is a luxury.

  • People in developing countries can only access low bandwidth networks at disproportionately high prices compared to their personal income.

  • This limits access to information – while education platforms like Khan Academy are ostensibly free, they are prohibitively expensive to access.

  • Our technology enables people from developing countries to download and access this content at a fraction of the price.

  • Vectors

    Download Size:

    11.9 MB

    Download Size:

    105 kB


    Download Size:

    2.5 MB

    Download Size:

    17 kB


  • OpenCV for Computer Vision analysis

  • 7-Zip for Text Compression Algorithm

  • OpenCV for Android for mobile app

  • A web server to host our compressed videos

  • Khan Academy API and Google TTS for audio

  • Accomplishments

    We can give people access to a wealth of information at a fraction of the cost.

  • Compression rate of appx 120 - 150 times

  • People can use our application to download and render entire Khan Academy videos on a wide range of devices.

  • We believe that there is strong scope to implement this sort of product with Facebook’s initiative to provide leading education to a wider range of people

  • In addition to Khan Academy, there is plenty of opportunity to expand to other MOOCs – including services like Coursera, MITx and Udacity